Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey

Three and a half stars

Tina Fey comes across as surprisingly more single minded and ambitious then I would have thought. Then again, you don’t get anywhere near where she is without a single minded ambition. I think maybe I was expecting the biography of Liz Lemon.

It can be heavy with climbing the show business ladder as a women. That said, she has some great tips for women in the work place. A great piece of practical advice she gives is that you are not in competition with the other women. You are in competition with EVERYONE. but it has wonderful chapters about her childhood and college. She’s only had one “real” job, working the front desk at a YMCA, and her descriptions are priceless.

I think women have a lot to owe her. While not personally responsible for the non-revelation that women can be funny, I hope that more movies like Bridesmaids are a sign of what’s to come! Thanks Tina

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